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About Punkin Patch


woodland-sceneabout.jpgPunkin Patch Interiors was established in the UK in 2008, 10 years after being founded in Georgia, USA bringing southern charm to nurseries and children's rooms across the British Isles. Our vision was to create a space to stimulate the growth of children’s imaginations.



English Country meets Southern Charm

flagssm.jpgWe are proud to produce the world's most beautiful furniture, bedding and accessories. Our designs combine traditional British craftsmanship with Southern style to produce exquisite interiors for children’s rooms and nurseries. The furniture and bedding are mostly hand-made to order taking utmost time to craft beautiful pieces for your precious little one. Exquisite lighting, bespoke accessories & creating whimsical rooms with an intimate personal touch are the hallmark of Punkin Patch Interiors. 

In Enid Blyton’s world, words like gobbledigook and thingamybob transport you into the land of make-believe, where there are characters like moonface and Mr Saucepan Man, along with trees that scold or animals that converse in human language. We have recreated these magical worlds through our furniture, linens and room accessories as well as through interior styling of your child’s room.

We hope you'll join Punkin, Patch and their friends as they embark on a magical journey filled with adventure. The best of it however will remain in your little one's imagination as it grows with your child